19 Jan 2021

You can now pay with Stripe which includes the following:
American express
debit or credit

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By Fxo

15 Oct 2020

We are switching to Credits soon! Also Raffle going on which is for charity whatever entries you place will all go to charity 

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26 Jun 2020

Did you know you can upgrade your current tiers to the next without paying extra? Just pay the difference and you can easily upgrade!!! Its as easy as that!

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18 Mar 2020

Our system is now Automatic! Coronavirus is having a huge impact on all our lives. But don't worry the [AS] Team will be active specially me (Fxo) so don't worry about donating and not getting what... Read more
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Terms of Service


Terms and Conditions:

I didn't mean to donate! Can I refund?

Donations are donations. They're non-refundable. We can offer you a package as a thank you for the donation but will not, under any circumstance, be able to return the donation to you. This is due to taxation of donations. We fully appreciate any and all donations, whether intentional or otherwise, and they are all invested back into server funds and server expansion.

If you find out a coupon code that you aren't meant to use for example if you use a Staff discount code when you aren't staff you won't get a refund or the thing you used it for. 

I didn't get my package?

Please either contact a staff member here or in-game for your package to be applied. Do not spam any staff members either in-game, on Discord or through any other means or receiving your package may be delayed as a direct result. Patience is key when requesting the adding of your package.

Are we allowed to change the sites packages without giving notice?

Yes if we decide a change is better for the server we will go ahead with it. 

Gifting to someone:

Once purchased the gift for someone please make sure you tell staff who you're gifting the purchase from store too.

If you're gifting a player something from the store that player does not get the donator tag.

Please also note if you use the package prior to gifting you may not gift the package

If you abuse anything you buy for example a custom job with tasers, you will be warned if it happens again you will lose your job and no refunds.

When buying a custom job please be aware:

If you own a custom job and wish to change it up a bit you can only do this within four days of purchasing the package and this will be done for free. Afterwards, these 2 days if you want anything changing to it you must pay £10
Why do we do this? This is so we aren't changing the jobs around over and over. We can get very busy with other issues on any of the server so this doesn't help.

If you're away for a long time for example at least 10 days without noticing we have the right to remove the custom job.

What happens if I lose my package?

If the package is removed from the server/store then contact management and another package may be given in return. Please note we cannot offer refunds.

If you are removed from a package for abusing then you will not be entitled to another package and you will not be provided with a refund.

If you accidentally lose your whitelist then contact a member of management and will fix it ASAP.

If I am donator am I immune?

Under no circumstances are you immune to rules and can and will have any packages removed or you may still face punishment if you break rules. You will not be entitled to a refund in this case either.

All custom jobs will be provided a set list of rules you must follow.

By purchasing a package you're accepting these terms and conditions.

We are not subjected to give you these packages as its a donation.

If the server closes down we are still not subject to give you anything in return as it states it is a donation.

Please note any attempt to chargeback your donation will result in you losing the job related to the donation(s) as this breaks the terms and conditions.

You cannot and I repeat you cannot ask to switch your donation to something else. So make sure you know what you want before donating!

If you have used a coupon without having the requirements to use it for example. You have a friend who is a staff member and used his discount you will not I repeat get what you donated for and won't be refunded.

Please note the TOS can be changed at any time.